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Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation Unit
This section covers water coverage within the district and disaggregated by subcounties. It covers the major water sources in the district which include; protected springs, Deep bore holes, shallow wells and Rain water tanks. Safe water coverage is an important parameter in assessing the quality of livelihood and standards of living to any population in a given locality and the district’s safe water coverage stands at 35% which is still below standards. Access to safe and clean water is still a challenge to the majority residents of the district as the district falls under (Masaka-Ankole) dry corridor with unreliable rainfall and meagre water sources. Most of the shallow wells and artificial water collection points (valley dams) which are the main sources of water for both human and animals do often dry up during the dry spells. Using the District Water Unit, 255 valleys tanks of total capacity of 528,442 m3 have been constructed since 2009 to boost water for production.